Known for its Polycarbonate suitcases, RIMOWA has been taking over the scene for quite some time. 

RIMOWA had chosen 9 most influential creators from Japan and KURO designer “Yusuke Yatsuhashi” was named one of them alongside film director Takeshi Kitano, architect, Japanese traditional umbrella master, Kimono maker.


KURO creates the most superior, highest quality denim in Japan, marketing throughout the whole world. The reason for how KURO had established such profound status and being on top of the game, is the behind scene that not many get a chance to see.

Every part of jeans are produced and brought from different regions in Japan. Some of the manufactures are carrying ancient technologies only to create for KURO. It takes nearly a half year to complete one jean from scratch.

Yusuke Yatsuhashi, the designer, insists on seeing KURO jeans as one way of investment for yourself. His philosophy for jeans is very much like “a suitcase.” It is not the number of things you own, but to find the right one suits you best.

Is black a color. Does it exist. It has been a long discussion regarding what black represents in the society. Yatsuhashi isn’t particularly in that huddle however. In his mind, black is simply an effect and nothing else. Black is the opposite substance from light, in which they compliment each other in every way. Black does not allow things to go through. This color (or is not) triggers us human beings many questions and ideas. 

RIMOWA has infused such complex ideology into TOPAS STEALTH so perfectly. The aluminium has both subtlety and aggressiveness.

Yusuke Yatsuhashi has no experience of designing a suitcase, but both Yusuke and RIMOWA share the same exact passion, knowledge, wisdom and deep philosophy in their process. As KURO represents the sophistication that the city provides and its chic sensibility. It is no coincidence that KURO means black in Japanese.




黒が色であるのか、あるいは存在しないことを表す色なのか。これについては周知の通り、論争がある。しかし八橋佑輔はこのような疑問を抱いていない。彼にとって黒は効果であり、それ以外の何ものでもない。光の対照的存在であり、何も見通せないことを意味する。にもかかわらず、この色(あるいは色ではない何か)ほど私たちに多くの連想をさせるものはない。また、これほど秀でたスタイルを生み出す色もない。黒が持つ魅力を、RIMOWAはTOPAS STEALTHに生かした。TOPASコレクションのハイグレードバージョンだ。アルミニウムの黒は際立ちながら、しかし同時に控えめな美しさを持つ。

八橋はこれまでスーツケースを設計したことはないが、 TOPAS STEALTH誕生のきっかけとなったインスピレーシ ョンは彼が作品を生み出す際のそれと同じだ。八橋は都市のシックさと洗練された日本のデザイン、そして品質に対する並外れた意識を融合させたジーンズを作り上げたのだ。そしてそのジーンズの多くは黒だ。八橋がチーフデザイナーとして働くブランドの名前がKUROなのは偶然ではない。